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Why SD-WAN Helps to Keep Up With IoT Sensors

With the rapid advancements made in the field of Internet of Things, it is expected that companies will spend a majority of their resources on solutions that focus on IoT. It is estimated that the number of internet users would rise to 30 billion by the year 2020 and out of this, nearly 24 billion would be using Internet of Things for their daily activities. With further advancements in IoT technology, companies using the MPLS technology are bound to struggle with the IoT technology.

One challenge that IoT servers face is that they might need to connect to signals that are thousands of miles away and they could face issues related to latency in sending and receiving of the data. To solve such a problem, it is necessary to bring the servers closer to the edge where they might be connected easily to the IoT devices. this allows the IoT devices to collect all the data, which might be required, by using intermediary collection points.

Importance of SD-WAN in IoT devices

With a large number of devices connecting to a single network, one often sees an increase in the complexity of the data transfer procedure. with the growth in IoT devices, the number of devices connected gradually increases to billions of devices. the network needs to find all of the devices and then connect with them. After that is done, one needs to route the traffic and mention specific rules that would define the accessibility of each device. One also needs to monitor each of the connections and the data arising out of each connection.

The best method to solve the above mentioned complexity, is to use an SD-WAN network. SD-WAN helps in finding the devices nearby, connecting with the devices and also routing traffic for them. Using a single router makes the process of connecting and routing traffic 100 times more difficult than when using the SD-WAN network for the same. With the massive scale that IoT is supposed to grow at, using the SD-WAN will allow business organizations to have centralized control of the connected devices, while also providing them with complete knowledge of the devices. this allows the companies to have an automated policy-based control system, thus making IoT much simpler to handle.

Another advantage of using SD-WAN is that it simplifies the network provisioning procedure. it uses several pre-defined policies to allow for a simple plug-and-play system. in cases when a device becomes infected with malware, SD-WAN sends security warnings and immediately launches the remedial measures for the same. This becomes possible as SD-WAN is allowed to control the details of the devices and protocols on the network. This allows the IoT applications to access all the data that they require, control the devices using IoT and also undertake analytics for the same.

SD-WAN and IoT work hand-in-hand

The creation, deployment and ongoing management of IoT devices, and the applications dependent on the same, becomes a lot easier when one is using SD-WAN for the IoT devices.  SD-WAN helps to maximize the security and the performance of a business organization. One is, also, able to keep up with the ever-changing business needs that a company may have. IoT devices work better and are able to deliver better results when they are connected using the SD-WAN network. SD-WAN allows business owners to dynamically change their network behavior based upon the new traffic patterns, security risks and policy changes.

The SD-WAN network is known to offer a better user experience to the customer base of an organization and helps in increasing the agility across the entire network. One also sees a reduction in the deployment-time and the operational costs that is borne by any business entity. While discussions about IoT include consideration of sensors and wireless networks for the effective functioning of the devices, SD-WAN plays an important part in helping IoT devices perform at their best.

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