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What is Digital Transformation, and How Can SD-WAN Help?

There has been a steady rise in the number of organizations transforming to the digital space as the organizations which do not, encounter numerous problems in the long run. It has become important for businesses to leverage the technology and process it in a way that allows them to transform their business and user experience. Over the past few years, many organizations have been suffering due to fierce competition from peers, changing business models, alterations in user behavior and digital transformations. While the journey to digital transformation might not be the same for every organization, the collaboration between the Lines of Business (LoBs) and IT must be unyielding. This is to ensure that the LoBs move at a faster pace in delivering business value and outcomes, and IT is able to enable them on a priority basis.


The goal of digital transformation is to improve the performance and reach of a particular business. The rapid rise in the number of mobile phones, applications and data usage is an important part of the trend that makes it mandatory for business organizations to improve their processes and technology. The important challenge faced by IT is to be able to react faster than ever to enable the LoBs to capitalize on new technologies and turn that into market value. The emergence of SD-WAN will play an important role in transforming the business goals into a reality at the earliest. This is because SD-WAN allows IT to respond to the business needs in a cost-effective and agile manner.

Below, we look at each of the functions and their usefulness, while highlighting how SD-WAN can help to augment their functionality.

  • Line of Business: This involves improving the profitability of the organization while also helping to outpace the competition. The LoBs also help in accelerating the time-to-market for the products or services. Implementing SD-WAN can help the LoBs to save up to 90% of its operating costs while responding faster to the business needs of the organization. One also has the ability bring the offices online sooner and make changes to the system at a faster rate.
  • Network Admin: They help to reduce the provisioning time for the networks and increase the network availability and performance of the system. One also has the scope for accelerating the troubleshooting procedure. SD-WAN helps to deliver centralized orchestration and automated zero-touch provisioning. SD-WAN also helps in sub-second failover and built-in app acceleration functions while also helping to monitor the real-time traffic changes.
  • Security Admin: This helps in achieving and in maintaining the compliance and also reducing the security risks that might occur. Apart from these, they also help in mitigating or preventing the attacks. With the implementation of SD-WAN, one sees an augmentation in the built-in capabilities and firewall functions to thwart the attacks. There is also micro-segmentation to help ensure compliance and the segmented apps. Also, the users help to isolate the traffic and prevent communication leaks.
  • Cloud architect: This helps is augmenting the service chain delivery and in transforming from software to hardware. One also has the scope of integrating it with the existing systems. SD-WAN has automated WAN overlay policies based on business intent that can be integrated to the other network services. It also has flexible deployment models that have intelligent routing. The RESTful APIs also allow easy integration with the 3rd party platforms.

According to market surveys all across the world, it is estimated that a majority of business entities would be shifting to SD-WAN integration because of the numerous advantages offered by the SD-WAN implementation. With a huge number of business making the move to SD-WAN, it is important that IT play an integral role in the transition to accelerate the digital transformation process for the business owners. For success in the digital domain, SD-WAN helps to meet the networking challenges and difficulties by suggesting measures that are at par with current standard of excellence.

Digital transformation has been able to drive businesses and IT leaders to rethink the manner in which their networks are managed, especially, to embrace an increasingly complex IT landscape. Networks are always required to deliver increased performance while still remain flexible and agile in the process. SD-WAN enables organizations to manage and optimize their wide area network (WAN) in new and more efficient ways, thus helping digital transformation to become more successful.

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