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Top 4 reasons why a software defined WAN is the best thing for your Business

One of the prime improvements in the technological world has been the rise in the adoption of the advanced SDWAN infrastructure. The benefits of such an advanced WAN has made it possible for business organizations to do away with the traditional WAN architecture and replace the same with an improved network that is more efficient and cost-effective. In recent times, a large number of business organizations have joined the SDWAN network, giving way to a huge growth in the adoption and implementation of the advanced network infrastructure.

Experts have predicted that the SDWAN market will be worth $7.5 billion in the next five years. The driving factors behind the growth in adoption of the SDWAN infrastructure has been the decrease in the costs and better management capabilities of the new infrastructure. However, these aren’t the only factors that encourage business enterprises to move from the traditional WAN infrastructure to an advanced network system. Below, we highlight the top 4 reasons that encourage people to move to a software defined WAN.

  1. Removal of complexity: For a business organization that is focused on generating growth and revenues, it can be a burden to handle technology that is overly complicated. The SDWAN infrastructure involves automated processes, such that one does not need to manually configure the WAN infrastructure. Important tasks such as routing of the protocols and choosing the best path between two points are things that one does not need to worry about with SDWAN. Also the changing network environments become a thing of the past with the implementation of the SDWAN.
  2. Cloud support: With the introduction of the SDWAN infrastructure, all of the different types of applications and tasks get routed through and based on the cloud, providing appropriate support for such cloud-based platforms. Because of the increased dependence of business enterprises on the data-centers, businesses need to move to a software-defined infrastructure in order to take complete advantage of the cloud-based architecture. To develop a robust and dynamic cloud system, SDWAN is the crucial step that provides the framework for the advancement of the cloud.
  3. Suited towards the changing network conditions: SDWAN not only provides appropriate support towards the changing cloud needs, but also its ability to adjust itself to the changing network conditions ensures that everything runs efficiently and effectively. SDWAN plays a huge role in ensuring that all of the applications are always accessible and any information that is sent through the network travels through the best available path. This, in turn, helps to improve the productivity of the employees and also empower them. Apart from this, the adoption of SDWAN frees up a lot of time because one no longer needs to manually route the network. The automation provided by SDWAN allows the employees to give attention to other important issues at hand.
  4. Reduction in the cost: SDWAN helps in the reduction of cost that is incurred by the businesses by allowing them to leverage an increasing amount of inexpensive public bandwidth and decrease their dependence on the expensive private links, while also taking advantage of the links to provide the best possible performance. The SDWAN infrastructure makes use of the packet-based intelligence to route the traffic through the most optimal path. This allows the business enterprises to utilize their resources in a cost-effective manner.

Given the reasons for its popularity, it is hardly a surprise that SDWAN has made huge advancements in the technological field. The ability to reduce the complexity and create a custom network environment that is able to react to the changing network conditions is something that is an important aspect for business organizations to move ahead with time. In the future, it is predicted that SDWAN will become a crucial part of the technologies adopted by each business enterprise for facilitating their daily tasks. If you would like to take advantage of the advanced software-defined network architecture, then implementation of the SDWAN is seen as a crucial step in that direction.

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