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Retail Technology

Retail Redefined

Retail information technology systems are swiftly changing the way you do business. They are also changing the nature of your competition. You need to stay ahead of the curve with systems custom- made for your growing and evolving business.

Connectra has provided IT consulting services and solutions that address these acute needs with retail managed services and expertly designed network infrastructure.

Retail Technology Specialists

Today, more than ever, retailers need to understand their customer’s needs and how to engage with them. Even with the rise of eCommerce, customers still seem to prefer shopping in brick-and-mortar stores for the quality of service and user experience. However, it takes innovative systems to manage multiple sites and stay ahead of the competition, and provide the service and efficiency customers demand.

Connectra is here to help retail businesses manage the digital transformation. From retail technology solutions used to optimize the shopping experience, to improving your overall technology performance,

Retail Deployment Services

We know that transforming all of your stores can be an overwhelming task, which is why we take the stress out of it using our managed deployment services. We have developed the expertise necessary to coordinate the launch of new technologies, open new stores, and decommission old technologies or stores with minimal disruption, across all of your store locations, while staying on time and within budget.

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Retail Managed Services

As technology continues to evolve, so does connectivity. Networks constantly need to provide more bandwidth, scalability, and reliability than ever before. This is where Connectra comes in. Once the deployment is completed, the day-to-day operations begin. With our connectivity solutions and 4GLTE Failover Technology, we can make sure that you store is up and operating at all times.

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Reduced Shrink

Connectra provides a safe and secure environment for your customers, employees, and assets with state-of-the-art IT network solutions. Our video surveillance, access control, and intrusion technology will allow your business to concentrate on your customers, not whether or not you are protected.

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SD-WAN Hybrid Networking Services

Connectra unveils SD-WAN hybrid networking services, a key step in helping many businesses evolve their networks from hardware to software. and It will include a network-based solution that combines hybrid networking with multiple types of network access.

This software defined network abstracts the pathways of a network and turns them into a virtual construction controlled from a central dashboard. Though the physical cables may connect everything together, the actual network pathways are determined by software. This allows businesses to construct and destroy networks in moments and arrange their environment with multiple networks quickly and easily.

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Wireless and Mobility

Customers more and more have come to rely on a reliable wireless network within your stores, and today most retailers are taking advantage of mobility and mobile operations within a store to drive operational efficiency. Wireless connectivity is more than a customer service; it can drive new retail technology solutions for higher productivity and sales.

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