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Real life examples of IoT. What can you do with internet of things?

In today’s world, one of the biggest contributions of mankind is the introduction of devices and machines that are considered ‘smart’. These devices are developed in such a way that they can collect user data and then use it to deliver efficient solutions. With sufficient investment, Internet of Things has the potential to grow exponentially and with it increase the use of IOT devices

Even though IoT controls a large part of our life, many of us are unaware about using IoT on a daily basis. Below we highlight a few areas of our life where we use IoT on a regular basis without even thinking about it.

  1. Smart Home: Smart home has become a revolutionary way in which we view our living spaces. The amount of comfort and ease that is offered by IoT in the field of creating smart homes is unbelievable. Smart Home products are developed in such a way that allows us not just to save our time and money, but energy as well. There could soon be a time when smart-homes become as common as smart phones. Simple acts such as switching on the AC or unlocking the door can be achieved with unimaginable ease. Some of the prominent companies that specialize in the Smart Homes category includes Nest, Ecobee, August and Ring.
  2. Wearables: Almost everyone nowadays has a Fitbit or an Apple watch. These IOT devices collect and record raw data and report it back to the user in the form of meaningful reports. From fitness and health to entertainment gadgets, wearables can be found for every imaginable category. Not only are these devices highly useful, but they are also fashionable. No wonder companies are investing generously to make these products as user-friendly as possible.
  3. Connected cars: In the automotive industry, IoT is known for its immense contribution towards enhancing the experience of the users in their car. Connected cars work on the concept of being able to perform certain tasks on its own without needing instructions from the user. Using the sensors that are integral to the cars and an internet connection, connected cars can make journeys much more comfortable. Reputed automobile companies have been developing cars that use IoT successfully and offer unmatched comfort and ease to its customers.
  4. Industrial internet of things: In the industrial sector, the recent buzz is that of industrial internet, which is known to empower industries with motion sensors, software, and analytics in order to create smart machines. It is believed that these machines can outperform humans in analytical tasks and can also pick up any inefficiencies that might occur in the process. Such machines can rapidly solve complex problems that are faced by the industries.
  5. Smart cities: IoT has the power to solve all the problems that clog urban cities and towns. This is possible due to the greater ability of the IoT appliances to sense and detect activities and generate solutions for the same. Problems of surveillance, transportation, water distribution as well as security are fields that can be effectively tackled with help from the IoT devices. Many problems that people currently face can be tackled when the cities and towns have been fitted with the smart appliances.

As the examples point out the numerous advantages of IoT, we can understand its importance and the scope of growth for the same over the years. With time, we might see IoT growing into our lives with brilliant innovations. it is required that we invest inherently towards IoT and its development, in order to keep the future of the Internet of Things, bright.

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