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Quick Service Restaurants

Deployment Services

Connectra can design, standardize, and simplify your restaurant IT structure throughout all of your locations. Our experience and extensive partner network allow us to handle all facets of technology deployment from rollout, to monitoring and maintenance. Whether you need a new installation or upgrade, we can design and install repeatable, consistent, and high-quality technology solutions that are on time, every time, and within budget. With a network of over 100 technicians, we also have the feet on the street to offer on-going technology support on a global scale.

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A safe environment for customers and employees alike is critical. Restaurant technology solutions are an important tool for loss prevention, compliance, and physical safety. Connectra’s state-of-the-art video surveillance, access control, and intrusion technology allows quick service restaurants to supervise their premise, remotely manage doors, secure inventory, identify risk, and gain valuable insights into the movements of customers and employees.

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Wireless Mobility

Elevate the dining experience and engage with customers using wireless connectivity. Connectra comprehensive Wireless as a Service solution provides your restaurant with the Wi-Fi coverage needed to connect all on-premise smart devices to your network seamlessly. We also ensure your network stays up and running optimally at all times using our 4GLTE Failover Technology and connectivity solutions.

Managed Services

With our remote monitoring and management of all your locations, we proactively identify, and remediate issues before you or your customers notice them. With a partner network of 20,000 technicians around the globe, we have the resources needed to provide on-site support to any of your restaurant’s locations. Connectra's fully managed program ensures that your technology stays up and running predictably, optimally, and securely at all times.

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SD-WAN Hybrid Networking Services

Connectra unveils SD-WAN hybrid networking services, a key step in helping many businesses evolve their networks from hardware to software. and It will include a network-based solution that combines hybrid networking with multiple types of network access.

This software defined network abstracts the pathways of a network and turns them into a virtual construction controlled from a central dashboard. Though the physical cables may connect everything together, the actual network pathways are determined by software. This allows businesses to construct and destroy networks in moments and arrange their environment with multiple networks quickly and easily.

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