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Project Management

Project Management Experts

Our Experts help with clients skill management, Review your project, improve your existing project management structure with new processes and procedures using our unique project management methodologies, increase efficiency of project team, Provide you with needed IT Support, deliver the project management tools and services, provide you an expert project manager to manage your project staff, an project coordinator to handle the project, implement project plan, mentor your team on site or offsite.

Our Support System

We also supports clients to implement strategies that adds value to project includes detail planning of entire project, documentation, measure of technical scope, cost management of project, Project status reporting, monitoring of project development process ,independent validation and verification methodologies, Project Life Cycle, Error management , standards assessment, performing quality and quantitative analysis, strategies implementation, client business analysis, knowledge management services, supports clients in identifying new opportunities, Privacy policy management, Project evaluation report, risk assessment services, business processing and re-engineering services.

We Helps Application & Product Development, Maintenance companies improve their ability in management of projects using our experience and exposure to the latest developments in Project Management, Connectra works with your team to implement the improvement.

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