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Internet of Things Trends in 2019

With every passing year, we seem to have more and more devices that use Internet of Things. This is mostly due to the ease and comfort that these devices provide us. They tend to make mundane tasks much easier and this explains the exponential growth in the field of IoT. It can only be expected that IoT will grow to newer heights in 2019 and we will have more and more devices that use IoT on a daily basis.

  1. Overall growth: Research shows that over 3 billion devices were connected to the internet in 2018 and were used to perform daily tasks. This number is only likely to grow in the future and IoT is headed for further growth in the coming year. With research and development towards 5G Connectivity, IoT will only get a much-needed boost and see more and more people switching over to ‘smart’ devices that can be used to make everyday tasks easier.
  2. Further penetration in sectors like manufacturing and healthcare: IoT has been at the centre of innovation and development in the industrial sector and it is leading to a digital industrial revolution. This industrial revolution is expected to bring  a shift in jobs handled by humans to jobs that can be better performed by machines. Machines have been outperforming human by doing the job faster and with more efficiency, leaving no room for human errors. In sectors such as manufacturing and healthcare, IoT can help to bring greater innovation, thus providing bigger scope for helping more people at the same time.
  3. Greater security for the devices: In its nascent stage, IoT devices were vulnerable to attacks from hackers and viruses, thus contributing to the skepticism of a majority of users. However, recent innovations in the field of IoT have the promise to make the devices using IoT much more secure. Hardware manufacturers have been investing generously to offer greater protection to their customers that include  services such as, prevention of data loss, security warnings, threat protection, and insights into the health of a network.
  4. Greater number of smart cities: Smart cities are cities and towns that use smart devices to take care of all the various aspects required to run the city. This includes devices that can solve problems of transport, water availability, traffic congestions, security, and surveillance. The coming year, 2019, will see many current cities which would be remodeled with IoT devices that have sensors and software that can track various metrics and make life easier.
  5. Penetration into the connected cars market: Although many automobile companies have made developments in the connected cars segment, the usage is still restricted or unaffordable to many due to technological limitations. It could be a while before we see fully connected cars that use IoT for their full functioning. We might get to see some improvements in the automobile industry as the technology advances and becomes more readily available.  

With the sort of investment and research into Internet of Things, smart devices and applications have a promising future which will increase the scope of using these devices in our everyday lives. 2019 promises the introduction of several new areas in which Internet of Things can be applied successfully.

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