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for Home or Remote employees

Cato’s SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) Solution: -

There is a solution that can solve many of these connectivity, security, performance and management issues: a cloud-native network such as the Cato Cloud. Cato connects mobile and remote workers to the same network, secured by the same security policy set, as those in the office. Rather than connecting to the corporate datacenter, then out to cloud applications, home users connect to their nearby cloud native network point of presence (PoP). From there they become part of a virtual enterprise WAN that the datacenter and branch offices access through their local PoPs as well. Cato locates its PoP infrastructure in some of the same datacenters as major cloud providers, including AWS and Microsoft Azure, allowing for fast direct connections to cloud services.

Connectivity isn’t an issue. Cato’s cloud architecture is designed for massive scalability to support any number of new users regardless of session duration or frequency. They can work at home or in the office all day, every day and the Cato architecture will accommodate the load transparently.

Performance improves by eliminating backhaul and inspecting traffic in the PoP rather than the datacenter. Home and mobile users bypass the unpredictable Internet middle mile and instead use the Cato backbone with its optimized routing and built-in WAN optimization to dramatically reduce latency and improve data throughput.

Cato’s Security as a Service provides a fully managed suite of agile, enterprise-grade network security capabilities, built directly into the Cato Global Private Backbone, including a next-generation firewall/VPN, a Secure Web Gateway, Advanced Threat Prevention, Cloud and Mobile Access Protection, and Managed Threat Detection and Response (MDR). Adding new home users to a cloud native network is a quick process that doesn’t require expensive, time consuming appliance upgrades.

The current crisis will likely require a lot of quick action from IT to get users connected and working from home fast and securely. A cloud-native, SASE network can make the job faster and easier while giving all those home-based-workers a satisfying user experience.

Demo: Secure, Unified Mobile Access to Datacenter and Cloud

Secure access to Salesforce with Cato

Cato’s Mobile Access Optimization

Cato Cloud delivers the full range of its network and security capabilities to protect mobile users with laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Using a Cato Client or clientless browser access (SDP), users connect to the nearest Cato PoP. Mobile traffic is optimally routed over the Cato backbone to on-premises or cloud applications.

Mobile traffic is fully inspected by Cato’s security stack ensuring enterprise-grade protection to users everywhere. Compromising on security or forcing a painful backhaul into a datacenter firewall is no longer a trade-off you need to make.

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