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  • SD-WAN solutions

    Connectra offers a cost-effective cloud-based platform, allowing you to configure, manage and monitor your entire WAN estate, from head office out to remote locations, through a single interface.

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  • Cloud Computing Solutions

    Connectra provides leading edge secure and compliant cloud services as an alternative to the traditional IT teams and infrastructures.

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  • Network Solutions

    Connectra provides the seamless customization and standardization with the ease and confidence you need for your network design and implementation.

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Why Choose Connectra?

A highly responsive, no-excuses culture with accountability backed by clear guarantees is what we encourage here at Connectra. We also do the following to set ourselves apart from everyone else:

  • Provide round-the-clock customer and technical support by phone, email, or online through our US-based operations centers
  • Provide rapid response to last-minute changes and unexpected surprises round-the-clock
  • Provide dedicated account management and core technical expertise

More professionalism and technical expertise with the right tools and technologies and the ability to function rapidly is what Connectra stand for. We have a team of:

  • Highly motivated IT engineers from top universities with numerous industry certifications to help us provide design-build expertise and experience across a wide range of industries
  • Enthusiastic and skilled Contractors across the North America to enhance our capacity to ramp up quickly for large or fast-moving projects

Work flexibility is when businesses put into place practices that give freedom to employees. The freedom focuses on letting our employees do their best work in a manner that aligns with their needs. We, at Connectra, understand this and do the following to impart unparalleled flexibility to our employees alike:

  • Allow employees to work from home when feasible to help balance work with family responsibilities
  • Analyze the style and preferences of individual subordinates
  • Assess the needs and preferences of individual customers
  • Delegate routine tasks in order to focus on priorities
  • Embrace and value diversity in the workplace

Ethical standards guide individuals and the company to act in an honest and trustworthy manner in all interactions and We, at Connectra, do the following to uphold the highest ethical standards:

  • Advocate and nurture a culture of respect, trust and honest communication that allows us to maintain an ethical business operation
  • Provide guidance and training to our employees to consistently do the right thing and help them deal with ethical dilemmas
  • Monitor and audit systems used to detect unethical activities.

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We’ll carry as much or as little of the responsibility as you like. We know business isn’t linear. We expect to flex up and down with you.


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