Site Surveys


Site Surveys and Estimates

We want to make sure the site is completely prepared and ready for the project. Connectra Technologies provide site surveys which helps to verify the design documents, physically verifying the site readiness and defining any modifications required prior to performing the installation.

Our Onsite Field Engineers focus on following during the site Surveys. Our Site surveys are focused on customer needs and project initiation.

  • Proposed Location of the Rack and Floor/Wall space as per current availability.
  • Proposed locations for new equipment’s in or outside the Rack.
  • Existing network cabling and hardware components.
  • Proximity to power and network connections
  • Available power outlets and UPS devices
  • Environmental conditions
  • Cable requirements (including interface cables, connectors and length)
  • Ceiling Height, type of Ceiling, Center blocks, Wall types & Thickness.
  • Environment and access requirements.
  • Network interfaces and demarcations installed in the wiring closet.
  • Building/ Area Architecture diagram with distances.
  • Wireless Access point survey for installation.
  • Type of ISP connections and demarc locations.

Complimentary Site Survey & Estimate

Please contact us to discuss your project needs and to receive a complimentary site survey for your next field rollout.

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