Retail Technology Solutions


Retail Technology Solutions

Connectra Technologies provides Retail IT Solutions for the retail organizations. We provide data, voice, secured network connectivity and cloud solution for the retail organizations. We provide all in one packing for our retail organizations where they are able to communicate with all of their head offices, branch offices, stores, remote workers through a secured, reliable network.

We implement the retail stores in such a way that they are connected to the central data center with redundant links. We ensure secured redundant links from retail stores to data centers. This High availability links operate continuously without failure for a long time. We implement the network connectivity among various sites using lower cost service provider links. So our solution is very cost much effective.

We also provide secured POS connectivity, CCTV, security system, shopper track, digital signage, wireless hotspot, etc for our valuable customers.  Our system is fully tested and in many cases, there are accommodations for failure in the form of redundant components.

We offer universal access to business applications: we design the network in such a way that gives all users, whether they work in the main office, a remote office or from home, universal access to the same business applications and company information.

Our arrangement of network setup is suitable in the corporate environment where more reliability and security is needed. A great network security must be able to be transparent have remote access and able to uphold the performance.  When having a secure network it will protect the data of a company. We always think about network security, performance, reliable and the integrity of the system.

Our security polices can defend attacks on the system.  For this reason, we are confident enough to protect your system from data lost or corruption to the network system. Our security policies are excellent for putting security function in place such as encryption and authentication.

In our Unified communication systems, we can integrate data, voice and video in a single device.  So a single user will be able to get variety of communication applications like phone, fax, chat, voice and video communication in a single device. We also offer Guest Wifi hotspots, internal Wireless network setup, iWAN solution for our valuable customers. In single world, we offer best modern Retail IT Solution for the retail organizations in a very cost effective manner.

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