Order Fulfillment Logistics

Order Fulfillment Logistics

Connectra Technologies provides order fulfillment and logistics support where you can store and ship your products. You don’t have to deal with any shipping activities. We will take all responsibilities on behalf of you.

We know that equipments are needed to be available at onsite when they are needed. So all necessary equipments of a project are must be kept in the store. We have a warehouse where we can store and ship the products.

We combine inventory management, staging, configuration, testing, assembly, kitting, packaging, and return services into one shipping solution that frees customers from maintaining their own staff, premise and systems. In fact, we take all of your duties and responsibilities to us from you.

We offer multi user logistics facilities which enable us to store your products effectively, fulfill your orders in a more timely. We have sufficient number of logistics experts and a modern web based technology by which you will get our services in a cost effective manner. The proof is in our 99.9% accuracy and on-time shipment rating.

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