Network Architecture & Design

Network Architecture & Design

We design the network architecture that provides fast, reliable, secure connectivity for your business operations.

Connectra Technologies provides support to design network architecture, LAN, WAN and Data Centers. Today business productivity and effectiveness largely depends on real time communication and access from any geographical location. Connectra Technologies designs full lifecycle of your network infrastructure. We design the network architecture that provides fast, reliable, secure connectivity for business operations. We do architecture work which means design with high redundancy, reliability, security, cost effective, easy management.

We know technology is changing so rapidly in the world. So we keep in mind your changing communication needs so that our design can fulfill your future demands. We build converged network architecture, converged LAN solutions, and converged WAN solutions which is secure, reliable, scalable, fault-tolerance  and cost effective. We integrate multi-vendor solutions, technologies and products.

Our experienced network engineers are expert to install LAN and WAN equipments. They are familiar with multi vendor’s products. So we are not dependent on certain vendor’s products.  Our expert engineers can deliver you all of your routing and switching needs. Our VPN solutions help you to extend your network at different places. VPN solutions will ensure you to establish a secure connection among geographically separated networks.

Every organization wants reliable and secure network connectivity to communicate with their staffs, customers and business partners. A strong reliable network system with intelligent, converged network architecture is the key goal of any business. Organizations also need to be online 24/7. To meet these needs, Connectra Technologies offers cost effective, highly efficient and reliable network solutions for continuing business operation.   


We are the one of the largest IT services and solutions provider in Canada. We help clients to plan, design, build, mange improve and support in network architecture, LAN, WAN and Data Centers. We have a team of expertise in networking, data center and security. We have sufficient number of network engineers who have all necessary certifications in this sector such as CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, CISA, JNCIS, JNCIP, JNCIE, etc. We provides 24/7 customer services for our valuable clients. You can just make a call or send message to us, our experienced technical staffs will call you and visit your place at your convenient time.

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We also provide software defined network (SDN) connectivity for geographically separated organizations. With SDN, you can adjust your network to application needs. You will gain more control over your network system. SDN supports automation across multivendor network system. It is very simple to manage, adaptable and cost effective.

Our data center solutions help an organization to enhance their data privacy and thus reduce the risks of data failures. A disaster recovery data center is very effective for handling information, data privacy, data security and business continuity. We can design, build and manage your data center which will be cost effective, easily maintainable, redundant and scalable.


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